Electric Generator Requirements


Electric generators of any type and size, interconnected to WUS’s electric grid in any way, shape, form, fashion, or means – including wind, solar, fuel cell, reciprocating engine, hydro, and other similar electric generation devices – are required by WUS to install a manual load-break AC disconnect switch or safety switch (the “Switch”) between WUS and the interconnected Customer’s equipment.

Such Switch must be able to positively isolate the generation source from the grid when needed for emergency events, to perform maintenance, or assist in the restoration of service, etc. The Switch must be able to provide a clear visible open point of disconnection, a clear visible indication of switch position, and have padlock provision for locking the Switch in the open position.

The Switch must be installed on the Customer’s side of the electrical proximity to WUS’s Point of Delivery (POD)*. The Switch must be labeled “Generator Disconnect Switch.” The Switch must isolate the Interconnected Customer and its associated generator from WUS and shall be accessible to WUS at all times.

Failure by Customer to notify WUS of Customer’s generator installation, or failure by Customer to install Switch, will result in immediate disconnection of electric service to Customer by WUS until a Switch is installed and inspected by a State Electrical Inspector. Other interconnected generation requirements may apply.

*POD is the point on a customer's premises where service is delivered to Customer’s connection point.*

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